About Us

Aditya Enterprises

11 years after Establishment Company has achieved phenomenal success in security sector working with major Builders, offices, Housing Societies, Commercial Buildings & Schools. Aditya Enterprises has also provided security to small scale and medium scale units & Hospitals. These are just few of the client to whom security has been provided and the list go on and on after achievement of a successful business in security sector. Our security business shifted its focus in quality like quality policy, quality work and standard operating procedure and the same procedure is continued till to date.

Our Policies

  • Since Our Company is Security oriented, the following norms decides our policy
  • To meet specific requirement of client’s property protection, physical protection from theft and damage.
  • To manage the risk by preventing, transferring, and reducing them by planning and organizing.
  • To provide protection from emergency, fire and disaster.
  • To Conduct Security audit of customer from time to time in terms of new development in the society.
  • Various services to our client in the security field.
  • By having sound system of security training and requirement, a job training is developed
  • Inducting computer and electronic support to our client wherever is necessary
  • By extending our commitment of quality standard with the support of rules and regulation and quality documentation.
  • By monitoring recent development of security field like terrorism and Bomb blast and keep applying correction in our Company Policy.
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